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Why Borrower's Choose Us

We bring wholesale mortgages to consumers! After obtaining a mortgage, it is normally grouped together with hundreds of other mortgages and re-sold to different banks on the open market, usually within 90 days, so you’ll never really know where you’ll be making your actual payment. Knowing this, why not start your purchase or refinance at MORTGAGE WHOLESALE where you can obtain a “wholesale mortgage rate” from the start?

Mortgage Wholesale

We specialize in Self Employed Mortgage Loans including Stated Income Loans, Bank Statement Loans, Private Money Loans, Portfolio Loans and many other programs.  We finance both Residential and Commercial properties.

If you’re loan shopping online and haven’t found the program fits your scenario, it’s likely we have it.  We have more programs to qualify self employed borrower’s than any single online source.  Give us a shout!  We’d enjoy helping!

Bank Statement Loans
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