Non-Bank Mortgage Lenders

Non-Bank Mortgage Lenders

Non-Bank Lender

Non-Bank mortgage lender’s are gaining momentum and this provides a much needed relief for self employed borrower’s who take excessive tax write-off’s and are unable to qualify under full doc, traditional bank lending guidelines.  Mortgage Wholesale provides numerous programs and qualifying options for self employed borrower’s.

Non-Bank Lending Programs Include:

Bank Statement Loans

Stated Income Loans

Private Money Loans

Asset Depletion Loans

Plus, in the rare occasion that a self-employed borrower would like to use their tax returns to qualify, we have those programs too.  Traditional banks look for ways to deny loans.  We’re just the opposite!  We look for ways to get them funded!  Use our fast quote form to access programs and rates here

Self Employed Mortgage Qualifier
Determine if you can save money (refinance) or pre-qualify for a purchase
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